Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Omega Movers and Stuff

Only 2 more days left!
Before we talk about the move we need to congratulate Jane and her finishing her PhD. defense yesterday. She did a fine job and will tell you all soon about the details.

Monday, october 29

12:20 p.,m. Room 258, Phillips Hall (UNC-CH)

Ph.D. Defense

Jane Moran (Physics and Astronomy, UNC-CH)

Investigating the Circumstellar Environments of Young Stars with the PROMPT Polarimeter

Abstract: We have designed and built a prototype imaging polarimeter for use on the PROMPT robotic telescopes located at Cerro Tololo International Observatory. The polarimeter uses a Fresnel rhomb and wollaston prism to image two orthogonal polarization states onto a single CCD chip, with an image field of view of 10 x 4.5 arcmin. Using the polarimeter, we have investigated the circumstellar regions of 11 Herbig Ae/Be stars, and done extensive follow-up observations on 3 stars of interest: KK Oph, a well-studied star with previously limited polarimetric data; NX Pup, a star known to vary photometrically but with previously unknown polarimetric variability; and SS73 44, a star with very limited previous photometric data and no prior polarimetric data. We have found polarimetric and photometric variations in KK Oph and NX Pup that are consistent with models of dust obscuration. Both KK Oph and NX Pup show an increase in polarization accompanied by a decrease in visual magnitude and a reddening. However, neither star shows the "blueing" at deep photometric minima and maximum polarization characteristic of the UXor classification of stars. We have demonstrated that SS73 44 has an intrinsic polarization component, but does not display the photometric and polarimetric variations expected from a young star with an evolving circumstellar environment, indicating that this object either has a disk seen in an orientation that has little inclination, or one with no appreciable puffed-up inner rim.

Jane getting interviewed By CNN in Chile

Well the Movers have showed up today, late and tired. Moving, the Adventure that it is, filled with traps and pitfalls. Moving from the USA to Belgium after you spent 3 months in Canada is pure CRAZY! The forms that need to be filled out are insane, some sort of deterrent. Just about all the forms are as ready as they can be.
The cats will be coming about 3 weeks after us, since they are not aloud to stay at our apartment. The cats will still need a permit and their APHIS stamp, which we will get in Belgium. They will be more then happy to stay with my parents and maybe meet their cousins, Higgins and Magnum.
The Movers are now doing a fine job and almost everything is wrapped and labeled. The goods will be shipped to NJ, where they will be stored then shipped to us in Brussels. We 1st need to find our a place to live the hunt for the house starts next weekend and I can't wait.
Only 2 more days left!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Today all our stuff arrived on our POD. Jane is the one behind the camera, she has such a good eye!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

10 days to go!

In only 10 days I'll be getting on a plane to Belgium with Michael, my husband of 4 months, and our 2 cats, Pi and Finnigan. We're leaving our home in North Carolina for a European adventure in Bruxelles, Belgium. We're going to use this blog to write about our travels and about our life in Belgium, and of course - to share lots of pictures. We're excited about the move, but it's coming up very quickly and there is still a lot to do, it's best not to think about it too much because it gets a bit over-whelming. Right now we're organizing work permits and visas, negotiating with moving companies and filling out surveys for the relocation company that will be helping us in Belgium. And in just a little over a week -- we'll be off!