Monday, June 30, 2008

Our 1st Anniversary...

Which we spent in Bouillon. Bouillon is beautiful city along the Semois river in the Belgian province of Luxembourg. The drive from Sterrebeek could not have been easier only taking about 90 minutes. We arrived in the Ardennes early Saturday morning to a light mist.

Bouillon is home to Château-Fort de Bouillon. The Château is famous for being used to finiance the 1st Crusades. The Château was also the home of Godefroy of Bouillon who became the 1st ruler of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

Along with many tunnels...

And Dungeons

Along with some great views.

Once we finished with the Château we walked around town and took some more pictures then enjoyed a great meal at the Vieille Ardennes.

We then headed to our hotel and called it a night. In the morning we headed on our bike tour of the local area as well as some local brew.

The tour was called the Greedy Excursion 40km VTT. We set of from Bouillon around 10:30am and arrived at the 1st stop within the hour.

After some coffee and cakes we set off again.

Stopping to take pictures along the way. Here is Jane standing on the edge of a cliff.

Me enjoying some Sangría.

Jane enjoying a local brew and view, Point de Vue Champs des Charmes. Below is the barbecue, fresh bacon of the Ardennes, poultry-sausage skewers and Beer.

Jane heading home after our last stop.

We had a great weekend and can't wait for next year when we...