Monday, March 30, 2009

Anybody Need a Burger?

  The sun has finally revealed itself from behind the clouds here in Belgium! You know what that means! Barbeque time! Unfourntinely for us we had left your good old Canadian Tire grill back in Chapel Hill. We spent the last season using an old charcol hibachi, which was not going to cut it for us this year.

That is were our new friends at 
Standard - AHZ come in and save the day. I didn't want to get another grill that was just going to rust and needed to be replaced in a year or two. We had looked at our local Brico and didn't like anything we saw, still don't know what that side burner is for. So we headed east to Leuven, just about 20 minutes from our house, to Standard - AHZ. We were greeted with more choices then we could ever imagine, and a few beers! We quickly decided upon a good old Canadian made Broil King Signet, no side burner in sight.

Anybody Need a Burger?

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Anonymous said...

Jane and Michael: I would love to come over and have a burger with you. Just clicking on your blog and having it show was a thrill. Unfortunately, at my age I am better in my own place. Did go yesterday to a friends for 10:30 AM to play bidge, have lunch, play bidge, back home at 4 PM.-liquid beverages in between.
Love, Nana.