Monday, August 3, 2009

Everything the Light Touches

Michael's latest invention is a double-paned piece of plexiglass that fills in one complete side of the double-doors that lead out to our porch -- with a cat door installed in it! The cats adore it - now they can come and go as they please to explore their territory, or to simply bask in the sun on the porch before coming back inside to cool off a bit, and then heading back out. Finnigan has also been practicing her quick escapes in anticipation of the not-so-distant toddler years - she has heard horror stories of tail pulling, not to mention the dreaded "tea parties".


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Fabulous work Michael! I wonder if the little visiting kitty will ever figure this out? It looks like a great solution.

Leroux said...

Well Thank You. The cat-post is also my creation. Just some wood left over from some packaging and some rope. So they can clean there paws when they come inside.

Jane said...

So far "Buster" has been around sniffing at the cat door, but either he can't figure out how to get in, or he is discouraged by the smell of it. Finnigan spends about 5 minutes each day rubbing her paws and cheeks all over the door, and we think the door is making it easier for both cats to mark out their territory.