Sunday, January 3, 2010

40 Weeks!

I've reached the endgame! Tomorrow is the official due date and soon I'll be transitioning from "pregnancy talk" to "motherhood talk". :) Here are some final pictures that Michael and I took yesterday to remember the pregnancy. I can't believe that soon this will all be a distant memory and that we'll be a family of three.

I'm probably feeling better now than I have at any other time in the pregnancy. It's really nice to be off work and to be able to get all the "little things" done - getting the baby's room ready and doing a little bit of housework each day and packing our hospital bags. I finally feel like I'm ready for the baby to be here! So goodbye pregnancy, hello motherhood... any day now. Roll the credits!


Anonymous said...

You look beautiful.. clearly prepared to "pop" into motherhood. Good luck on this new adventure and remember to breath ....
hehehe whowhowho hehehe whowhowho.
Looking forward to seeing lots of pictures.
Best wishes
Brenda Hardie :)

helen beach said...

Dear Jane,
Well the next post will bear the exciting news of the arrival of "Zoe". You look the picture of health Jane and you are going to be a wonderful mother. Nothing beats the feeling of becoming a parent. We are thrilled and excited for you and your family. The best lies ahead.
Auntie Helen

dani dee said...

Jane! Cannot wait to see the little lass, but will be sad to miss the tummy shots. Just telling auntie lo-lo that you should be a pregnancy model. You are glowing and beautiful. Kisses and hugs to you and Michael.

Leslie Jane Moran said...

When we scrolled down to see your previous picture we realize how much Zoë has gained in stature! Looks like a healthy baby on the way. See you in three days, maybe Zoë will wait for us :) I think NOT with that tummy. A bientot nos cheres, et bonne chance. XXXOOO Maman et Papa

Marta Clavero said...

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