Sunday, November 4, 2007

We Have Arrived!

While Jane sleeps(still jet lagged), I have taken a few pictures of our place in Belgium.

Here is our Dining Room. The Complex we are staying is brand new. Each flat has a theme our theme is Venice.

This is a picture of the Living Room, you have to love Ikea.

The Kitchen has everything one could ask for, again everything is brand new. Can you find the fridge and the dishwasher?

This is Jane's favorite feature of all, a towel warmer.

Here is the view from 1 of our 2 balconies.

Today once Jane wakes up we will be attempting to walk to the M&M Mars building which is less the a km away.


leslie said...

I'm arriving in Paris in February and taking the train to Brussels. Seeing this fabulous apartment has strengthened my resolve to make this voyage!

What a wonderful arrival to Europe. You will have so much fun discovering and I can't wait to hear all the news of your daily adventures.

Courage mes cheres.

Lorenza said...

Crickey! Nice apartment!! I might have to make plans for a visit now....congrats on defending and getting married and moving to Europe. did the cats make it?