Sunday, July 19, 2009

16 Weeks

Here I am at 16 weeks, trying to look pregnant! I still feel like I'm in an "in-between" stage, where I'm starting to look a little bit rounder, but not yet obviously pregnant.

I haven't had to adjust my wardrobe yet, but I did stop by a maternity store the other day, lured in by the 70% off signs in the window - but of course they are just getting rid of their summer stock, which reminded me that anything that I buy to fit the new me will have to be autumn/winter clothing, and the thought of shopping for a winter wardrobe right now is just too much to handle.

I tried to take a picture of myself a few weeks ago by balancing the camera on a stack of books, hitting the timer and then running into position, but they all came out badly. I'm much happier with this self-portrait method, especially since it gives me an excuse to hide my face, which always seems to ruin the picture (I'm still working on the "blissful joy of impending motherhood" look, it's not easy to master).

This photo was partly brought on by the fact that the other day Michael came across a really neat piece of videography by another expecting couple, and it has me slightly worried that I'm not doing enough to document the whole pregnancy experience. I haven't even written a letter to the unborn baby yet! My excuse is that I'm not artistic enough... instead of taking daily pictures, I've been researching the processes through which amniotic fluid is replenished in the womb, which when it comes right down to it is probably more valuable in the long run.

A special shout-out goes to the Red Pine Camp sweats I'm wearing in this picture - celebrating their 15th year in my wardrobe this summer! w00t!


Leroux said...

> I'm much happier with this self-portrait method, especially since it gives me an excuse to hide my face...

No I am the one that ruin pictures

Anonymous said...

Jane! Michael! Don't be silly-you are both beautiful and photogenic!! I love you so much, and I cannot wait to meet the little cutie! Love, Auntie Deedee

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Sweetheart! I'm crying my eyes out in the most beautiful home in Brooklin, Maine. We just got the internet connected today and Dad told me that you had posted. I LOVE this picture and I do hope you post frequently with more of the same. I feel so far away and this really helps me to see my baby having a baby. Love to Daddy too!
Maman said...

Jane, you look absolutely beautiful! I wish I were there to see this exciting transformation. We're so excited. I hope to come and see you. love, Dana

Anonymous said...

Dear Jane,
You look so beautiful! Of course, we'd love to see your face and your "glow".... And there's definitely a "baby bump!" Keep the pictures coming. We love seeing you and hearing what's going on.
PS. Is that your shower curtain? Very cute!
Love to all three of you!
Mom and Dad

helen beach said...

Hi Jane,
I was first introduced to this photo on your mom's blog, and as I mentioned there, it is priceless. Please keep the lines of communication flowing, along with photos,as there are many of us on the other side of the water who don't want to miss a thing. Take care sweet mama.
Auntie Helen