Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tut, Tut, A Visit to London

Last week Michael and I spent 3 days in London. The original purpose of our trip was to go and see Michael Jackson live in concert. Unfortunately, that didn't work out - ensuring that the best story that the baby would ever have in his life (that he saw MJ while in the womb), was destroyed before he was even born. But since we had the hotel and train reservations already, we decided to take the trip and hit up some of the London theater instead.

(As an aside, due to the cancellation of the MJ concert, we were given the option of either getting a full refund on the tickets or we could receive the original tickets in the mail. I think we should have received both.)

The first stop on our theater tour was Wicked. Michael found it a little bit scary, since there were fire-breathing dragons, flying monkeys and wicked witches in it. I loved the costumes and the sets, and the girls in the main roles were wonderful. I only wish that the music had been better - the songs all sounded the same. But the show is a really great production with some great special effects and a great story.

Our second night out was spent at Avenue Q. Michael enjoyed this one because he likes to tell people the story of how the original creators of Sesame Street all did a lot of drugs and only decided that the show should be for kids as an afterthought. I was grateful that there weren't any jokes about bodily functions. In fact, I thought it was really funny and entertaining.

Both of these shows were doing something that I have never experienced before - charging for programs! Not only for the fancy full-colour keepsake programs, but also for the regular programs full of advertising that usually get handed out on the way into the theater. Is this happening everywhere now? It made me sad, because I like to read the bios of all the actors and writers, and I feel like I'm not giving them proper credit if I don't even look at their names, but to have to pay $3 for even the basic program is way too much! They must not be making enough money off tickets. It's a sad, sad world.


London Hotels said...

Good post! I enjoyed of reading. Very sad about Michael Jackson. I'm planning to come next week to London with my boyfriend. Can you please suggest us any good show or musical we can go? We have a big museum program and we are looking for some more attractions, thanks!

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