Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cruising through Sterrebeek

It was an exciting day! After months of speculation, today I got to attend a meeting at work to discuss our brand new company car policy! Most companies in Belgium offer company cars to their employees because it turns out to be a win-win situation for both employer and employee, but until just this week my company was in the minority of those not offering cars.

The cars are not free (if I choose to subscribe to the policy, a set amount will be taken from my salary every month), and there are a total of 10 models of car to choose from in 4 different price categories. But it turns out to be a very good deal. The policy includes insurance, maintenance of the car, winter tires, and best of all, a gas card! At the top of the list for me right now is the Peugeot 407 SW seen in the image here - doesn't it look like a nice, reliable family car? (airbags, check. isofix car seat attachments, check. ESP braking, don't know what it is, but check.) Other models in the running are the VW Polo & Golf, the Mini Cooper and the Audi A4.

In any case, it will be a brand-new car, a huge step up from my first car, Speedy, who was a great little 1991 Honda Civic. Once I make the decision, it will be a 4-year lease, so it's important to choose carefully. So exciting!


Leslie Jane Moran said...

I'd go for the Peugeot while you can. You'll never be able to afford one here :) Imagine you thinking about car seat attachments. I had to make sure that my new Altima was equipped.

Anonymous said...

Jane: Thank goodness, you erased the buttered tarts. Last Tuesday I was on the bus to Carlingwood, from Park Place retirement building and shopping in Loblaws and the tarts from Farmer's Market were on display. bought six, have two left. Can great-grandmothers pick up this craving?
Loved your picture (from your cell phone). Love, Nana/

Jane said...

Nana, it is entirely possible for everyone around me to pick up on my cravings! Michael is very familiar with it. :)

Leroux said...

We have been enjoying Frangipanes, which are Belgian almond tarts. It will be nice to have a bigger car, Jane and I need to post something about all the things we have placed on top of our Polo!

Anonymous said...

May I join you?

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But it turns out to be a very good deal.

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