Saturday, July 25, 2009

For the Record

After my last post, Michael asked me if I could clarify to the internet that although he has occasional bouts of craziness, it is mostly attributable to the fact that he has been working so hard to make sure that I am 100% happy at all times.

He really has been wonderful, and I tell him all the time how much I love and appreciate him, which is why I can get away with teasing him. But here for the record on the internet is a sample of some of the nice things that he's been doing that give him full license to act a bit crazy from time to time:
  1. These days when I start to get hungry, I generally have about 15 minutes between "I'm starting to feel hungry" and total meltdown. So last week Michael baked some chocolate chip cookies from scratch, and then carried them all over London along with some special K bars and a variety of fruit juices so that we could have instant snack breaks no matter where we were.
  2. For the times when we are at home, Michael has been keeping a constant supply of fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, mixed nuts, ice cream and lots of juice in the house.
  3. I've been getting back rubs every night.
  4. Michael has very patiently watched every pregnancy-related movie and tv show that I decide we must watch for the sake of the baby. Although I think he is starting to regret that he showed me how to use bit-torrent.
He knows how much I love him for all these things, and now so does the internet! So when I tease him for his strange ideas (the latest one is that he's decided to blur out the baby's face in any baby photos posted on the web until he/she officially reaches the age where he/she can consent to having his/her image online... and don't even get me started on his idea to decorate the nursery in a Vampire theme), it's because he really is genuinely funny, and someone needs to share his stories with the world.


Larry Moran said...

Jane, having lived with your "craziness" for the better part of two decades I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like now that you're pregnant. :-)

Michael is a saint. Either that, or he's crazier than you are. :-)

P.S. Your mother used to carry food with her at all times (or stay close to fast-food outlets) for the very same reason Michael does. It was one of the best ways to keep you under control. (It didn't always work.)

Leslie Jane Moran said...

I'm wondering if this is some sort of maternal vindication. Somehow, it always got portrayed that I was the crazy one....Hormones indeed!

Thanks Michael. I'm so proud of you, and thankful that you love our daughter as you do. You'll be a wonderful dad. Just consider this parent in carrying snacks at all times! :)